The Italian company ITRE srl at the 22nd Conference on High Temperature Plasma Diagnostics – San Diego, California, USA

From Monday, April 16, toThursday, April 19, 2018, in San Diego, California, USA, the 22nd Topical Conference on High Temperature Plasma Diagnostics brings together plasma physicists and engineers from a variety of fields, including magnetic confinement fusion, inertial confinement fusion, space plasmas, astrophysics, and industrial applications, to discuss mutual problems in the development of instrumentation, experimental and analytical techniques for the characterization of high temperature plasmas.

The Italian company, ITRE srl, from Campodarsego, PD,  will be there, partecipating in the paper “Design of the collection optics for the Core Plasma Edge Thomson Scattering (CPTS) in ITER“, by M. Bassan, R. Huxford, B. Crowther, R. Scannel, G. Vayakis, M. Walsh.

The paper will be published in RSI and grouped in a  RSI: Conference Collection.These will be assembled under the name “Proceedings of the 22nd Topical Conference on High-Temperature Plasma Diagnostics”.